Sunday, August 9, 2015

11 Things All Mormon Youth Love

In case you couldn't tell, I am in fact LDS, and I am a youth. What that means for ya'll non-members out there is that I am between the ages of 12 and 18 (17 and a half actually).

We do a lot in our groups. We go to mutual (which is a planned activity once every week), we love seminary (pretty much it's church in school), and we love the LDS church.

Naturally, there's a few things that we all have in common. So I've compiled (made up, same thing), a list of 11 things that all Mormon Youth love. If you're Mormon and Youth yourself, see how many of these apply to you.

These are my opinions. This is my list. I've exaggerated these so much. You're no less Mormon if these don't apply to you. Thank you and tonight.

1) We love Disney.

We've all been there, right?

Maybe it's the magic. Maybe it's the music. Or maybe it's the fact that we have claimed Frozen and Anna would totally be the coolest Mormon girl in the world and nothing you can say can make it otherwise. We don't know the reason, but we all love Disney movies.

My personal favorite is Hercules, but I also am a fan of Princess and the Frog, the Lion King, and Aladdin. I'm totally gonna have a Disney marathon one of these days.

2) We all play the ukulele.

That's a G chord right there.

I think I'm the only one who ever noticed this, but don't you know a lot of Mormons who can play the uke?

I don't know about you, but I know a lot. I don't know why this would be the case. Maybe it's just a cultural thing. Like Mormons just play the uke. No reason.

Or maybe because the guitar is too overrated for Mormons so we have to shrink them in the dryer. No? Okay, moving on.

3) We all love seminary.
In my school, I can letter in seminary. How neat is that?
Okay, maybe this one doesn't apply to some people in my seminary class last year (maybe it only applies to me), but it's so comforting to have a place to go away from all the cursing and immorality of high school. Seriously, that stuff is gross.

And not to mention a seminary teacher can be your best friend sometimes. Bro Richens, I'm looking at you!

4) We live for Youth Conference and/or EFY.

This was taken after I started a flash mob in front of hundreds of people I didn't know. Yep.
Okay, I need to clear one thing up. I've never been to an EFY. But, I have had Regional Youth Conferences for as long as I can remember. As far as I can tell, those are pretty much the same thing.

Please refrain from slitting my throat for being wrong.

But I just love having the opportunity to dance in front of a bunch of people I don't know, and then meet these people during a slow dance, only to not remember their name in a week (unless it's Cereal Girl).

But the thing is, that selfie right there, isn't just from my last Youth Conference, it's from my last Youth Conference, if I leave for my mission in early June like I want to.

But at least I have the memories. And Cereal Girl's number.

5) We actually enjoy dressing like we're from the 1800's and pulling all our stuff for days without running water or internet access.

And waka waka waka waka waka waka............etc.

Oh yeah! Trek is where it's at! There's just something about it that is so amazing to youth!

I personally love the families we get. I'll always be part of the Frog family. I went deeper into the pioneers with an earlier thought, so you can just go check that out.

6) Mormon Boys love Mormon Girls and vise versa.

That's right. I'm looking at a picture of the Provo City Center Temple.
Mmm-hmm, Modest definitely is hottest. This is something I just had to add. Because there's nothing more attractive to me than a righteous young woman (extra points if she can pull off hipster glasses. Just a preference.)

Mormon boys are just drawn to Mormon girls. Very similar to how moths are drawn to flames.
Nailed the analogy!

7) Missionaries are just plain awesome.
"Do you have a moment to hear about the worst secret cult ever?"

This is one that I didn't really check on to see if other people like it. Want me to stop doing that? Haha, this is my list. I can do whatever I want.

I always get so excited whenever my family feeds the missionaries, and I look up to them. That's gonna be me pretty soon. I can't wait!

8) April and October are the best months in the year!
This guy right here.
Oh yeah, Ya'll know what it is! General Conference! This one isn't even that hard to explain.

Going to church in your pajamas, hearing parables about aviation from a German. Not to mention everything is just so awesome around this time.

#ldsconf is trending, I'm telling my mom that I'll eat breakfast as soon as this session is over, I have to skip back to hear that awesome quote again so I can write it in my notes. Just so cool!

8 1/2) General Authorities are legends.
Well you're not wrong.
Don't you love the General Authorities? They're just so cool. They age so gracefully, they are powerful speakers, and Chuck Norris has nothing on Elder Holland!

9) Anyone wanna binge watch Studio C?
"Maybe surprise and fear?"
Oh my heck, how in the world did I not put this one further up? It's so hilarious. It's by far one of my favorite shows, and it's the main source of all my stolen jokes.

It's literally the best show ever!

I could go all day about the Man, the Myth, the Legend, Scott Sterling, but I'd much rather just watch Studio C.

10) Stake Dances are bigger than Prom.
When you roll up with the squad to the stake dance.
Okay, that statement isn't entirely true. Prom's pretty big. But my point still stands. Stake Dances are the bomb. As I've stated before (see #4), I have no shame making a fool of myself in front of other people. I actually love it.

I love partying with my friends, and swing dancing and the Cupid Shuffle. And if that Meghan Trainor song comes on, I won't be embarrassed to sing along to every single verse absolutely on-key and flawlessly.

I won't.

11) And finally, just plain being Mormon.

This is what we all love about being youth. Just being who we are. Mormon Youth love spending time with each other. We love being a "peculiar people". We love Studio C. We love Trek. We love 1 o' clock church.

We love going to church and mutual. We secretly rejoice when we're asked to give a talk or a lesson. We love group dates, and saying "modest is hottest". We love Elder Holland and President Uchtdorf.

We love our modern day prophets and the Book of Mormon. We love seminary, the uke, Mormon messages, our friends.

We love telling you about our faith, because our faith is everything to us. It's our lives. It's who we are.

"For [we are] not ashamed of the gospel of Christ" (Romans 1:16). We love everything about the church, because we know its true. We know that Joseph Smith restored Christ's true church on the earth, and the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ.

We know that Christ suffered for our sins, and that he did it out of love for us. And we love that.

But I don't speak for everyone. That's just my own thought.