Wednesday, August 10, 2016

U.B.U. - Aug 8, 2016

      The MTC is a terrible place. I totally hate being here.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love the other elders in my district, and I love the food, but this place is a freaking prison!

      What I hate is the crowd. Growing up in Wyoming conditions you for very uncrowded places, and every meal stresses me out.

      But like I said, I love the elders in my district. We have 12 missionaries, all either going to the Las Vegas West Mission, or the California Rancho Cucamonga Mission.

      There’s Elders J and S, O and C, myself and Elder W in my room. In the room right next to us is Elders S and C, J and P, and H and C.

      There was a day in class where we were working on teaching about the Restoration in 30 seconds. Chaos. Don’t let that ever happen. We weren’t focused on anything.

      But eventually, Elder S suggested we say a prayer to get focused, and so we did.

      Let me tell you, seminary teachers, Sunday School teachers, parents, or even legit anybody, a prayer is a terrific way to get back focused. But that ain’t the point.

      After the prayer, we started talking about how we can improve the quick lesson.

      We thought of things, like, keep it focused on Christ, how we should connect the points, things like that.

      Eventually we threw out that they need to be in our own words, not the words in Preach My Gospel.

      I then said how important I feel it is to speak in our own words. How we all have specific talents and ideas that God needs in our specific mission.

      There will be at least one person in Vegas who needs to hear what Elder Sorensen says, how Elder Sorensen says it.

      We came up with the saying U.B.U., the title of this post. U.B.U., as in “I’ll be me and you be you”, shows pretty well how we should be as not just missionaries, but as members of the church.

      Don’t worry if someone else is better at something than you are. You’re good at things that you’re good at because God needs you to be good at those things. And trust me, you’re good at things.

      U.B.U. Don’t be anyone else.

      If God needed you to be somebody else, He would have made you that person.

      So find your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and U.B.U.

      I’ll be chatting with you later. Please write me! I love hearing from people!

      - Elder Sorensen

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